Horipro Reveals The Next Star!

The management agency, Horipro, teamed up men’s magazine “No-No” and held a special acting audition for their 50th anniversary. The finals for “Campustar H50 with Men’s Non-no” were held on Sunday and the results were finally released.

The true winners is 21-year-old Takuro Ohno, a second-year student attending Rikkyo University.

To add more happiness in this big celebration he was honored with four other awards: Ameba Award, the Men’s Non-no Reader’s Vote Award, the PEEK-A-BOO Award, and the P.S.F.A. Award. Yuki Furukawa won the special judges award and Daisuke Kikuta won the men’s no-no award.

Ohno is now signed to Horipro and will reveal his acting debut in the upcoming movie “The Incite Mill”. Hideo Nakata will be directing it and pros will also work on this movie. Nagisa Katahira, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Haruka Ayase, Aya Hirayama, Shinji Takeda, Kinya Kitaoji, Tsuyoshi Abe, and Satomi Ishihara will all be working on the film.

The movie will start filming next month and is said to come out this fall.

Yaay! New people are fun to see. You never know what they’ll do.


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