Top 12 Kissing Scenes From Asian Dramas

We’ve made lots of polls and our most famous (so far) was our recent poll that happened last year. Now here comes another one, to spice things up a little. If you know what I mean.

KoJa Productions introduces “Top 12 Kissing Scenes From Asian Dramas”. You might complain and say that you probably don’t watch Asian dramas, or you’ve never watched any of the drama we posted or there are other better Asian drama kisses. Well, there are pictures, so choose which one steams you up!

We’ll start with the Koreans….

1) Rain and Song Hye KyoFull House

2) T.O.P. and Hyun Jyu Ni IRIS

3) Lee Min Ho and Go Hye SunBoys Over Flowers

4) Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye – Coffee Prince

Now let’s switch to Taiwanese dramas! Get ready for some steamy, hot, sexy kisses!

1) Wu Chun and EllaHana Kimi

2) Mike He and Rainie YangDevil Beside You

3) Jiro Wang and Cyndi WangMomo Love

4) Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin It Started With A Kiss

Let’s start getting more creative. Let’s see how the Japanese do it!

1) Jun Matsumoto and Inoue Mao – Hana Yori Dango

2) Seto Koji and Elena Mizusawa Koizora

3) Oguri Shun and Horikita MakiHanazakari No Kimitachi E (Hana Kimi)

4) Jun Matsumoto and KoyukiKimi Wa Petto

And that concludes our poll. We might, in the future, make another poll similar to this, so if you have any suggestions, it would be really cool if you write a comment. Now, you may vote!


17 thoughts on “Top 12 Kissing Scenes From Asian Dramas

  1. That kiss from ISWAK was EPIC. Joe Cheng looks like he knows exactly what he is doing xDD

    Can’t go past the one from HanaDan either. Picture-perfect^^

    • Very true. nobody can kiss like what joe cheng did in ISWAK2. his kisses were so passionate, affectionate & sweet. Korean drama makers should produce more shows like ISWAK2. i wonder why the koreans are so afraid to kiss passionately. it’s a pity because their actors & actresses are well-dressed, handsome & beautiful. they’re not romantic, they lack warmth & seldom touch their partner.l

  2. tka, common you can feel true love emanating from the actors, make me thought for a while that they are really in love in real life

  3. I’m sorry, but many of these kisses shouldn’t even belong here in my opinion such as Full House. Sadly, a lot of drama kisses are just strangely awkward (smiling lip touching or the guy smushing his lips on the girls and the girl is just stiff. Or they’re both just stiff and awkward). Why is it like that though I wonder? Why are the kisses so stiff and awkward e.g they stare at each other and the guy is always the one to lean in while the girl closes her eyes? Why can’t the kisses be like Hollywood ones?

    Anyways, in my opinion, the best kisses are from Worlds Within, Drunken to Love You, Lie to Me, Secret Garden ad i can’t remember the rest off the top of my head…but you get my drift. Those are REAL kisses.

    Again, I’m sorry, this is just my opinion. Feel free to let me know what you think to, I’m curious if anyone feels the same way I do and can give me an explanation! 🙂

    • I’m going to have to agree with you Simone!

      There’s always this big romantic build up of greatness between the couple in dramas and then once they get together they barely touch ’cause they’re all shy. Who knows why? Makes me think that’s what they’re like in real life…

      I see my parents kiss all the time and it’s not like it’s all hot and heavy, just a chaste kiss. What I like about the Asian dramas are that they’re kissing scenes are soft and tender rather than aggressive all the time, which is sweet, except half of them can’t even pull that off! Lol oh well, the plot makes up for it! 🙂

    • I AGREE about most dramas just have the couple touching lips but ISWAK and They Kiss Again- those kisses (48 of them o.o) are sooooo passionate! secret garden has my favorite kisses (the one where they’re trying the switch back, the dance one, the bed one, oooooooooo :D)

  4. I’ve only mostly ever watched J-dramas with the exception of Coffee Prince which i loved to death, but honestly, apart from a few inbetween dramas/movies, the japanese have some weird ideas as to how a kiss is supposed to be. I don’t think that’s how they kiss in real life and if they’re worried about it being to ‘mature’ for younger audiences or whatever the case might be, need I remind you about what they make shows about? Siblings in love, boys in love with boys, girls in love with girls, younger guys with older women etc. Not that i’m bashing because i enjoy the mangas and then the live dramas myself but they’ve got to be realistic and take a page out of their Korean and Taiwanese counterparts. Most Japanese kissing is just plain awkward. No matter how cute the couple is.

  5. * GOONG (PRINCESS HOURS) was STILL the BEST KISSING SCENE I’ve was REAL…JJH & YEH Forever!!!..see EP.23,also the scene where the TWO KISSED on was so ROMANTIC..people in KOREA didn’t know that they were shooting..and everybody was SHOCKED when they RECOGNIZED it was Joo Ji Hoon & Yoon Eun Hye who was KISSING in FRONT of the PUBLIC!!the BEST!!
    * MY GIRL also..see how Hae & Wook do it in Youtube..they were practising it 5 TIMES..hehehe, and they ENJOY….
    * FULL HOUSE..I just LOVE it..we all know that BIKYO CHEMISTRY was PERFECT!!And even their Kissing Scene is not so HOT compared to others, STILL I CRIED to their EMOTIONS BROUGHT in the TENT SCENE where Rain confessed his LOVE to SHK..And when they KISS, still I feel their LOVE, because FINALLY after so many HINDRANCES to their MARRAIGE they still END UP together…

  6. the best kiss i have watch so far was the COLA KISS & the ending kiss in LIE TO ME, watch it people, you could see how KANG JI HWAN lifted YOON EUN HYE while kissing her, you could easily feel the passion between the two, the kiss was passionately hot & romantic hayzz. the best so far…

    • YES, me too. i love the cola kiss. i wish the two will make another drama series. LIE TO ME is the best korean novela i’ve ever seen. i watched it many times already. their behind the scenes in youtube are also good. i also like GOONG, & COFFEE PRINCE

  7. ISWAK will always have the best kisses ever (extended to TKA)! Secret Garden and Queen Inhyun’s Man will be at my top korean list of best kisses…And that kiss at Ep10 of Flower Boy Ranyun Shop…Jung Il Woo!!!

  8. Best kiss for me is….Lee Min Ho & Gu Hye Sun’s kiss from BOF ❤ Its so sweeeeeet…..You can see….how soft junpyo kisses her hehe
    you can really feel the love….and the shyness of first kiss ^^
    #Minsunforever ❤

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