YNot Sue CNBlue?

Yeah! Why don’t we all sue CNBlue, because they’re not married to us. T_T

No, I’m kidding. There were rumors that CNBlue had copied YNot’s song “Blue Bird”. Though, “I’m a loner” sounds nothing much like Blue Bird, to me, but to others it sounds exactly alike… people like YNot. Then again… YNot make more money?

YNot has now announced that they are taking legal actions against CNBlue’s “I’m A Loner” composer & songwriter Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho. I really feel sorry for CNBlue. They’re just rookies.

YNot leader, Ju Mong stated some few words about this issue.

We shared our thoughts about this situation, yet the composer, songwriter and company representative have not made an excuse or shared a statement. We have received advice from an entertainment business lawyer and will seek help to take legal action.

A FNC Music (CNBLUE’s company) representative claimed that we were noise marketing to raise our own popularity. We think that, from the plagiarism allegations, FNC Music is the one noise marketing to up their popularity instead.

It seems like FNC Music is waiting it out and expecting this controversy to settle down. … They aren’t giving Ynot respect and haven’t cared to take action because Ynot is an indie band.

On February 1st, Ynot’s company asked FNC Music to apologize for the insulting statements they made, and asked the songwriters to make an official statement toward the similarities between the songs.

This controversy is ultimately between me (Ju Mong), the songwriter of Blue Bird, and Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho, the composer and songwriter of I’m a Loner, and shouldn’t involve Ynot and CNBLUE.

Hmm, I feel sorry for the composer and songwriter. Tsk tsk. There’s not a lot of similarity, but just a little. Anyhoo, check out this vid.

Credits: imuyachan @ YT


One thought on “YNot Sue CNBlue?

  1. Thanks for deleting my comment.
    Talk about freedom of speech 😦
    you didn’t have to get rid of it just because you didn’t agree with it.
    I said nothing wrong. I just stated my opinions.
    Bet you’re going to delete this comment too, right?
    Fine, go ahead. Be rude.
    I’m never going to come on this dumb website and voice my opinions to people like you who don’t even respect what I have to say.

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