Epik High’s Help = Infinite Glory

Get ready fangirls… for what? For a new boy band to go crazy about!

Epik High has been in the K-Pop industry for a long time and has made music that is intense and too awesome to be even heard! Now they’re helping a new boy band. I bet you’re crying right now to see what the name of the group is. Well, wait no longer. The name of the group is called “Infinite”.

Tablo announced on his Twitter that Epik High members are helping a new boy band out by producing songs from their new album.

“준비중인 새로운 보이밴드 인피닛. 에픽하이가 프로듀싱 돕고 있다. 여기서 최초공개하네요 ㅋㅋ 올림픽 응원 UCC 함께 찍다 찍은 사진. 다들 화이팅 (멤버 두명은 다음에 공개!)”

The new boy band infinite is preparing. Epik High will help in production. Only you get the first look keke. We’re cheering for the olympics. The picture was shot with UCC. Everyone FIGHTING! (Two members will be released next time!)

You can’t lie, you’re probably jumping up and down now. I really can’t wait for their debut, and I bet you can’t too.


3 thoughts on “Epik High’s Help = Infinite Glory

  1. i think they will be great if epic high are helping them and plus they got great skills waiting to be impressed by them

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