Never Again Will The Black Tease With D_Single

We all don’t remember Black Beat back in 2000, but here they come again. Since SM Entertainment wasn’t has big as they are now, they have now decided to reveal a new success? Before they debuted they would sing for back up and become back up dancers. They finally released a new album in 2002 titled “Volume 1 – Black Beat #2002 – The First Performance #001″… such a long album title!

Though, the album never took off due to failure. FAIL! They kinda stood in the background in the K-Pop scene until they broke up in 2006. Lee So min and Jang Jin Young, former members of Black Beat, are now back to form “The Black”. Hey, check out the album picture. It’s nice, right?

They released a new singles album consisting of three tracks: Never Again, Day By Day, and Take My Love Too. And if you think you’ll love this group, check out the teaser for “Never Again”.

Credits: UrAsianSourceTV @ YT


One thought on “Never Again Will The Black Tease With D_Single

  1. It seems interesting. The duo sound like those soft, R&B ballads. I think it’ll be a good song. Not my type of music, but I think this’ll be a recognized song.

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