Man Arrested For Threatening Ayumi Hamasaki

So many crazy people these days.

A man has been arrested on Friday by Shibuya polices after sending a threatening letter to pop star, Ayumi Hamasaki. The suspect is a 42-year-old man named Motoyoshi Fujii. He has been charged with attempted extortion and is reported to already have admitted to it.In late December, Fujii had been sending letters to Hamasaki’s home. Though an Avex staff member had to check it first before she read it. It had seemed to be a fan letter due to the praise that he gave Hamasaki and other artists. But, it wasn’t just a fan letter, it was a threatening letter. The man had asked Hamasaki to give 500 million yen to a designated bank. If not, the home of the Avex president, Max Matsuura, would be burnt down to pieces. He had said that this was under the word of his gang’s boss.

The letter was then passed down to Matsuura, causing him to file a claim to the police in January. The police easily found him due to him writing his name, address, and city. Police are currently investigating Fujii to get more out of him and to see if he was responsible for this. They are also investigating how he got Hamasaki’s address.

More details soon. I’m truly shocked and appalled about this. What a crazy man and his boss… woah!


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