CNBlue’s Manager Likes To Hit Fans?

Um… what a guy!

CNBlue have been under controversy every since the “plagiarism” scandal began. Here comes another one.

It all started with a video that came in the internet a few days ago. The video had a man, said to be CNBlue’s manager, hitting fans and hitting a girl in the head twice while the members got out of their minivan! Jong Hyun, the first to walk out the van, was forced to make an awkward smile while standing next to the manager.

FCN Music Entertainment, CNBlue’s management company, quickly replied as the video spread around the web. They explained

CNBlue were on their way to the KBS building for rehearsals on the 11th, until fans that were way too many quickly surrounded the van. Even with the help of security guards, the fans weren’t leaving. The boys decided to help, but this caused a fan to almost trip and grab Jong Hyun’s hoodie, causing the manager to violently hit them.

All members apologized for this happening and explained that this will never happen again. As for Jong Hyun smiling, he wasn’t smiling because the fans were getting beaten but because he almost tripped. He didn’t see the fan that got hit.

Check out this GIF. It might take some while to load… it’s kinda worth seeing. Um… don’t laugh, it’s very harsh. You may chuckle.


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