Kim Won Joon Comes With Gara Gara

Everyone’s probably like “who’s this dude?” Don’t worry… same thing happened to me. You might not know this hunkalicious because he hasn’t been in the K-Pop scene for how many years, now? Oh yeah, 10 years. It is said that girls went crazy for him and he was one of the hottest artist… 10 years ago.

I hope you guys aren’t mixing him up with Kim Joon. It seems that the album is titled “M4” and the track released is titled “Go Go (Gara Gara).” The only thing I’m wondering is… 10 years and he’s effing sexy!

The track is featured with Gil Me, which should be popular around the K-Rap/Pop scene. To keep up with the new age, he even has an auto-tune to go with the song. The song is definitely different from the ballad songs you hear today or the non-stop pop songs playing on Korean radios. The songs pretty catchy if you try listening to it twice. Anyways, check out the track.

Credits: aasiianlove @ YT


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