Harisu Promotes Pornography… Then Gets Charged For It

Ah. The days when porn wasn’t available and when men would just get horny because of a girl wearing a skirt that reaches to her knees. Though, I wasn’t born when all those stuff came. These days, people have to be careful what they show their kids. Porn is everywhere today. It’s even starting to hit Korean celebrities. Sex is the new hot.

Veteran singer Lee Kwang Pil has filed a charge on transsexual celebrity Harisu on the 18th to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for promoting porn through her photo exhibition because it’s violating the Youth Protection Act. Then again, what three years old these days doesn’t know what sex is and how to start it?

The photo exhibition was supposed to be raise awareness for transgender people, but it is now marked for 19 years and above due to the provocative pictures. The photos were very disturbing and too much “info” were displayed through media channels. What does this mean? If you live in Korea and have a newspaper or a damn internet then go ahead and look around for it.

Harisu’s management states that she wasn’t the main charge of the exhibition. She had only taken photos and didn’t even make what the topic of each photo would be, so the charge by Lee shouldn’t be filed.

The organizers say they aren’t trying to promote porn instead they’re trying to make people understand transgender people much better.

Don’t worry you all, you still have chance to check it out. It’ll end on the 28th. I know some of you horn dogs are looking around for pictures now.


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