Rain To Come Back This April

Omo, ever since I saw him in Ninja Assassin, I’ve fallen deeply in love with him. Rain… come back!

Rain will release a special album this April and will consist of 4 to 5 tracks. Though, that’s not enough. But we don’t want to stress him out because he will release a full-length album in October… now that’s very far away. Rain has been gone for one year and six months, but who is counting?

Rain has already finished recording some songs and is still in the process of collecting new ones. The titled song will be decided later after all the songs are finished.

His special album is marked for his debut back in April 2002. Rain’s company, J. Tune Entertainment, are also looking for new drama scripts to get him back on the small screen.


One thought on “Rain To Come Back This April

  1. Oh c’mon why so slow? Im r’ly gtting imptient r’dy,!! I do r’ly miss that cold voice that mking me freak! go..go..go ..rain…

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