Erika Sawajiri To Come Back!

Aren’t we all happy?

23-year-old Erika Sawajiri will make a come back soon. She sent a letter to the media on Wednesday that she made her own private management office in Spain along with her husband Tsuyoshi Takashiro, 45.

Her Japanese agent says that she has other agents around the world and wants to expand her career in the near future. Last year she started talking to lots of people to plan for her comeback. Her first comeback will be a commercial for Takano Beauty clinic, which will start airing sometime this month.

On March 16th, Sawajiri’s new website will be released and next month a new photobook will be shot by a British photographer.

Sawajiri also has an agent in Los Angeles and is also expecting to hit Hollywood in the future. For now she is staying in Madrid and accepting offers that she wants.

Yaay! Finally something to expect in the future. Celebration!

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