[Hot Shot] Park Bom Brings On Some Pounds!

Celebrities are judged everyday and have been known for what they do. But some are known because of their weight… maybe Park Bom might be getting there.

People criticize everything everyday. Now the criticizing is now on Park Bom. On March 1st, 2010 the hot group, 2NE1, performed at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards and it seemed like Park Bom had added weight. Their performance was awesome with all the screaming fans and the hot, sexy, awesome outfits! But Park Bom, who is known for her tight sexy abs, wore a short mini-dress for the event. Kind of forgetting the outfit, Netizens started looking at her figure. They focused on her belly and realized she had gained some weight. Dude, she couldn’t have been pregnant, calm down. She has to have fat you know.

Some netizens spoke out that she should have never one a one-peice mini dress with a body like that and that she should control her weight. Then again netizens, can you control yours? She’s a human ya know!

But we can’t lie. She gained more than a couple of pounds.


One thought on “[Hot Shot] Park Bom Brings On Some Pounds!

  1. That makes me just angry >.<
    So what if she gained a couple of pounds? She is STILL the same great singer, and she still looks good!

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