Taecyeon Wants To Start A New Era Without JaeBum?

Fans are already mad enough about the departure of Jaebum but it doesn’t look like Taecyeon will be the guy to make spirits higher.

Taecyeon recently made a post on his fan-cafe, stating something that seems to enrage fans quite a bit. It seems like he wants to start a “new beginning”  with out Jaebum. The post had said “It’s a new beginning. Shall we start it together?” Oh yeah, that made fans mad. Then again, they have to start sometime without Jaebum.

Some fans are mad and posted that this “new beginning” is a new one without Jaebum. Some think that this statement was for Taecyeon to show that he doesn’t care much about Jaebum’s departure and that he wants to take Jaebum’s spot as the leader.

JYPEntertainment posted that he wrote this post to show his appreciation for fans.

Jaebum might not come back and I’m not saying I don’t want him back. Come on! He’s so smexy! He needs to come back, but if he can’t, the whole group can’t just split.


One thought on “Taecyeon Wants To Start A New Era Without JaeBum?

  1. no big deal…maybe it’s just because I am Taecyeon’s fan. But from the very beginning I was thinking that if Jay won’t come back fans should deal with it. And since Jay’s not coming back for real fans should accept the fact that Taecyeon’s note was very right.
    And as I see, they were pretty good friends, and it can’t be true that Taecyeon doesn’t care about Jay’s departure.

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