[MV] Try To Copy Me 2NE1!

You gotta love these girls. Though, some people don’t. Well, every singer/group as to have an (some) anti(s).

Everything you expect from 2NE1 is in this music video. Cool background scenes, awesome outfits, and the song is just amazing. Heehee, CL has Lady GaGa’s Disco Stick… and I’m not talking about the one you can’t see. Their outfits are saw raw and cool! So weird and different. Their hair is like fire on water. Anyways, check out the video and judge it yourself.

Credits: isha012093 @ YT


One thought on “[MV] Try To Copy Me 2NE1!

  1. “AAAaaaaHHHhhhhh!!!!
    whatever they say “I DON’T CARE”….
    cause I know this MV caused so much “FIRE”!!
    so to all the people out there “LET’S GO PARTY” “IN THE CLUB”!!!
    their “LOLLIPOP” collaboration with the “PRETTY BOY”S OF BIGBANG was awesome.
    So to everyone “PLEASE DON’T GO” AND just “TRY TO COPY ME”…LOVE U 2NE1..Love yah BB!!LOve YAh YG Fahm!!!!

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