Korean Hottie To Act Eclipse

Who is this? You may ask. We all might be disappointed that he doesn’t sing in Korea and is not fully Korean, but eh, he’s effing sexy! Beat that Taylor Lautner!

The other Korean hottie, Justin Chon, won’t be the only Korean in the upcoming movie for the Twilight saga: Eclipse. Boo Boo Stewart, part of the Disney band T-Squad and real name: Nils Allen Stewart, Jr., will be in the upcoming movie with fellow werewolf, Taylor Lautner.

Boo Boo is mixed with Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Scottish and Blackfoot Native American. Heehee, Chinese, Korean & Japanese. No wonder why this guy is so freaking hot!

The Twilight Saga is about… awww we all know what the Twilight saga is about. Eclipse is pretty much about Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) revealing that he loves Bella and the killing of Victoria, which is now played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

To make people more excited, it has been revealed that the werewolves don’t like wearing shirts. So they’ll all be practically shirtless throughout the movie! Like Taylor Lautner, Boo Boo will throw away his kid image and show his more mature muscular image.

Wait, but who is Boo Boo portraying? He will be portraying Seth Clearwater, which is a member of the Quilet Werewolf tribe and Leah’s younger brother. He will stay with Bella and Edward when the battle begins due to his young age at fifteen. Don’t worry, they’ll show him more in Breaking Dawn, the last book.

I love him already! This will be the only reason why I’ll watch Eclipse. New Moon was kind of boring. That’s right, I read the whole series because I loved Twilight. New Moon turned me off, but it’s all good.


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