2NE1 To Become Friends With Famous American Artists?

Then again, that’s if they can understand them.

You probably are all wondering… how will that happen? Are they debuting in the US? You guys are probably jumping and screaming in your seats right about now. Well… the answer is actually quite easy to tell. It’s just one word. 2NE1 will not debut in the US… at least not yet or not that we know of. In fact 2NE1 might meet famous celebs that are in the states. It counts on who you know.

Jeremy Scott is a designer and has gotten a lot of praise on his works. 2NE1 has even wore shoes by him on their performances. CL’s rainbow skirt (picture above) is an outfit from Jeremy Scott.

Lee Hyori has even worn one of his outfit. She wore it at the MNET’s 20 choice award show with Uhm Jung Hwa.

Well anyhoo, 2NE1 will perform at Jeremy Scott’s party. He will be in Seoul and 2NE1 is already scheduled to have a performance. Other artists that will be there will be Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Madonna, Kanye West, Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani and many more!

We might all be getting set for an American debut.


2 thoughts on “2NE1 To Become Friends With Famous American Artists?

  1. They’s got jus’ the right amount of feistiness in their mannerisms and vocals to do a crossover to the Western markets Best of luck to ’em Dey’s cool!

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