Jaebeom In B-Boy Competition & ABDC?

My heart will drop if I see my sexy Jaebeom on ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew). I watch that show every freaking week! If I didn’t watch it, I record it. ^^ heehee.

On our last post of Jaebeom, we had told you that Jaebeom was in Canada for a B-boy competition and of course, we were right. Videos have been revealed on Jaebeom and his crew “Art Of Movement” doing their stuff. Hmm… they did their stuff real good.

If you’re starting to dig the crew without even watching the videos, then add them here on Facebook. You should…. Jaebeom’s in it. Oooh. They probably got like 100+ fans after this news was released.

In the (following) video, the announcer tells the crowd that Jay (which Jaebeom calls himself now, due to Americans) was part of 2PM. Now that Jay is just as ordinary as us, he can upload videos publicly and it can’t get removed. Why? Due to his contract terminating from JYPEntertainment, JYP doesn’t have any control of it. If any videos are uploaded publicly, nothing can happen. Though, you shouldn’t go out and harass the dude publicly. Give him space. I know his smexy and it’s hard! I have sudden urge too.

Now we all know why his YouTube account is titled “jayparkaom” (Jay Park Art Of Movement, for the slow peeps) Check out the videos!

Credits: ArtOfMovementCrew @ YT

Ah, nothing better than watching a b-boy video. Wait a sec? That’s all I’m writing? Nope? What about ABDC? Ah, almost forgot.

There are now berry good rumors spreading. It is said that Art Of Movement MIGHT be on ABDC! AOM have already showed us what they can do and it looks like they have the talent to make it on ABDC… that’s if you watch and understand ABDC. It’s a nice show… they do it on MTV.

But they’re not officially in yet! They have to audition (dance) for the judges which are… Lil Mama, Omarion,  and JC ChaseZ. This is not official yet… we’ll have to wait and see.


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