Akanishi Jin Comes To Los Angeles!

Yep yep that’s right! Akanishi Jin is coming to LA… but for what?

The popular boy band KAT-TUN are having an Asia Tour this year but there’s one news that released: Akanishi Jin will not participate in it. But why is this? Well, if you read the titled… it’s easy to tell. But why is he coming to LA? He will have  solo concerts in LA!

KAT-TUN is supposed to start touring Asia from May to August. Most of the concerts will be in Japan but they will be in South Korea, Taiwan and China.

Akanishi Jin will leave for LA on May and have concerts there On June 19th and 20. This is the first solo performance put on by a Johnny artist. He has agreed to do three concerts in  Club Nokia Venue at the LA Live Complex. If you’re coming, this won’t be in Japanese. It is fully English.

Akanishi Jin will stay in LA till October and will be planning future concerts there. He will also be promoting himself.

But what does this mean? No! KAT-TUN is not broken up, so don’t think the wrong. This might also lead to a US debut.


3 thoughts on “Akanishi Jin Comes To Los Angeles!

  1. omg!!!!i really want 2 c his concert!!!!i am saving up all my money for this….my parents are paying 4 the plane ride….i will be buying my ticket and backstage pass!!!
    i just dont know how much it is……

  2. Hey~ Tickets are still available!! Although the good seats are taken!
    (-_-) Check out Ticket Masters and All American Tickets! ^_^ I got mines already~ so excited!

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