Can’t Be On For Some While

I can’t be on for some while because I have break and I need fun! School is off for some while and I can finally get in the sun and go crazy in parties. Alcoholic beverages are very very bad for you. Teehee.

If you are in Spring Break, which I am, tell me what you’re doing. It would be nice to get some ideas from fans on what to do on Spring Break.

I’m gonna be out with my mom, aunt, and sister visiting a state (what? I’m not going to tell you where I’m going) to see my other aunt! We’ll be shopping and more shopping. But I’m not really sure what we’re gonna be doing. Anyhoo, I can’t be on.

If you need help, write to us. If you wanna download something, click on the download page! If you wanna ask for favors (that doesn’t have to do with interacting in real life) then message us. Subbing videos, things like that. We’ll be back on soon. Heehee. Enjoy your life while you’re still young!

Comment and tell the whole world what you’re doing for Spring Break or just future life goals. I can read. ^^


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