[Details] Akanishi Jin First Solo Concert In the States

We had announced some few days ago that Akanishi Jin would be coming to LA for THREE solo concert! Now we have more details and they’re quite interesting if you’re planning to come.

The concert is titled “You And Jin”… ooh it sounds sex-a-fun! This name was also used for his solo concerts in Japan too. As you can read in the picture (below) tickets go on sale at April 15th… so get ready and save up for that special day. Also, there has also been a commercial released. It’s quite interesting to hear him singing in English. I really would love to go… save up! The prices range from $35 TO $150… REALLY SAVE UP! If you want good seats.

There aren’t major details about this but if you want some more information, check out this website for future use. Not much info is released on the website too, so we’ll have to wait and see. Akanishi has also set up an official facebook for his US tour so hurry up and add him! He only has about a hundred something now so let’s spread the news about him and let this U.S. Debut concert become an hit! There are a little bit more details on the facebook, though. Anyways, check out the 30 second teaser…

Credits: chincmu51 @ YT

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