DBSK Stops Activities

Well, this is news isn’t it?

One of Asia’s biggest boyband have stopped their activities. We all should know why this is happening. Remember the lawsuit? Oh chyah. It was finally announced today by Avex Entertainment that the boys would stop group activities and will help each other on solo activities.

The lawsuit had gone all over the world and even though this lawsuit went on, the boys kept on promoting their songs in Japan… together. Their recent song and #1 on the Oricon, Toki Wo Tomete, might be the last thing they do together.

DBSK have released a best album in February and might be the last. Hero JaeJoong’s new drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute” will be released on April 15th. Check out “Toki Wo Tomete”

Credits: s3adolphin @ YT


One thought on “DBSK Stops Activities

    Not DBSK!
    Any other boyband!
    I feel like screaming. o-o;
    This CANNOT be happening.
    Why the heck, avex? Why THE HECK?!
    They’re so great as a group, their voices all suit EACH OTHER. I don’t think I could imagine ANY of them on their own. o-o
    My poor Joongie, Changminnie, Yunho, Junsu and Yoochunnie. :c
    Avex, you have just released the wrath of the DBSK fangirls – the most feared of all fans. -_- We will get you.
    Always keep the faith~ ♥
    Whoa~ I’m like one of those raving lunatics. Oh well, that’s how I feel right now. e-e

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