What’s Up With KJP?

Ah, so many book works to do. I’ve already started going crazy. It’s not that I don’t have time to write on KJP, it’s just that my future has been in front of my focus right now. I’ve been trying many many different ways to pursue the future I want, so that’s why I haven’t written any information on the blog for some while. I’m truly sorry. Lately, there has been one topic in my head. This topic is quite serious to KoJos and I. I’ve been asking myself this question: Should I shut down the blog?

I have had so many new fans join behind. Though, my viewers have gone lower and that’s making me sick to the stomach. There’s always a site to get the latest things you want. Whether if it’s fashion, gossip, or Asian news. There always has to be a site. And I don’t think my site covers what everyone wants. I mean big sites like AllKpop or JPopAsia. Though, I don’t plan to make my own website because my future isn’t about writing news on famous celebs. So I think I might just write about important news due to this future I’m planning.

This future might cost some money and a lot of time. Seriously, a lot of time. So be expecting new subbed videos, movies, and music videos. News might be scarce. But before I start doing my plan, what do you think?

I will continue writing next week until the answer is final.


One thought on “What’s Up With KJP?

  1. hello there…im one those people who often visit ur blog. ahhh so your kinda hesitate to which to shut down or still continue this blog. i voted just continue what ur doing. I love ur blog epsecially when u post Korean and Japanese movies to be release which I really like and get updated. just continue and more korean and Japs movies coz I dont see much any sites who post those kind of categories. Thanks.

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