Jaebeom Comes Back To Work… In America!

No. He’s not working in Burger King or McDonald’s… in fact, he’s going to be working with none other than T-Pain and Snoop Dogg.

Now, I’m an okay fan of rap (don’t listen to it much only if it has true lyrics) and I’m glad that he’s working with them. Heheee.

AHH (AllHipHop) has reported that Jaebeom will be teaming up with Teddy Riley for a new album that will be released here in the states.

Here’s the deetz. Quoted by AHH

Hip-Hop/R&B producer Teddy Riley has teamed up with Korean superstar singer/rapper Jay Park to produce his new untitled album.

Park shot to fame in South Korea as a member of the chart-topping group 2PM.

The American-born B-Boy split with the group amidst controversy in 2009, after making controversial statements about Korea on his MySpace page.

He eventually left the group, but resurfaced in Seattle as part of the Art of Movement B-Boy Crew and through a variety of covers on YouTube.com.

Park’s cover of B.O.B.’s “Nothing On You” has received a staggering 4 million views alone, since being released in March.

Since linking with Teddy Riley, Park has completed tracks with Snoop Dogg, Daz, T-Pain, Krayzie Bone and others.
Additionally, Park has been tapped to star in Hype Nation, a flick about breakdancers from the East and the West.

“I scooped this guy up right away because he is an incredible talent and everybody wants to work with him in the U.S.,” Hype Nation executive producer Jason Lee told AllHipHop.com.

Park will return to Korea this June, where 70% of Hype Nation will be filmed.

And just to tell you all, this is not categorized under rumor… instead it’s under news. Get set to see Jaebeom on your TV Set!


One thought on “Jaebeom Comes Back To Work… In America!

  1. this guy has been a victim of his own point of view!!! korean are really freak!!!!!!sorry to say that but he was sent out of the band bcs he jus wrote that he hasnt yet ajust wid d food !!!wat s wrong wid that!!! instead of being tolerant n try to grab his attention for his town food n get him close to it n make him luv it!!! they move him out!!!!!!
    what do u expect him to do now!!!!!
    but God is big see now he s getting a lifetime break n now he s being acknowledge as great talented artist!!!!!
    if I were him I will never go back to Korea again!

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