[MV] G-Dragon, She’s Gone

G-Dragon is like the Kanye West of South Korea. Every little thing he does seems to be a controversy… me likey.

G-Dragon’s song “She’s Gone” was played in his first solo concert with the video. Finally, without all the fangirls screaming, we have a clear picture on his new music video. It’s quite… Edgar Allan Poe-ish… very dark (You can tell from the still)

The South Korean health and welfare branch has decided that G-Dragon is too “mature” for children and is now prevented to have fans 19+ by slapping most of his songs with 19+. The song, She’s gone, was marked as 19+ due to all the inappropriate lyrics and drug use.

The video makes it worse because G-Dragon is smoking. Yes, G-Dragon smokes so does TOP. He also has a knife in the video and chases a girl with it! Oooh…weird. This promotes drugs and violence. This horror skit may scare some people, because it reminds me of some creepy Edgar Allan Poe story. Anyways, check out the new video!

Credits: UrAsianSource @ YT

Also, The Shine A Light DVD has also been released, so check that out.


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