MNet Protects Hyori From Plagiarism Accuastions

There were recent arguments on Hyori’s new album “H-Logic”. It was said that she plagiarized practically half of her album. But now, MNet is here to save Hyori and the rest of her album.

People were loving Hyori’s new album. And after pushing her album back for months, she finally came back. So, it would be very heartbreaking to find out that most of her songs were plagiarized. The thing that was most weird was that all the songs that were plagiarized seemed to link to the composer: Bahnus (Lee Jae Young). It is said that he gave 180 songs for Lee Hyori to choose from.

But now, MNet have given their official statement. Read on!

We already new about the guide version of the demo songs were up on YouTube before her album was released. Bahnus had already made these songs about 4 – 5 years ago. He sold them. The problem was, he then made recordings of the guide and gave out the demos. Also, the singers who made the songs all have the possession of it. Bahnus had document that shows the evidence. It records the time, singers, and the amount of time it has entered a recording studio.

I guess Cookie Couture got a day of fame. Everyone pretty much forgot about them… at least I did. Hope something like this doesn’t happen in the future. Not just for Hyori, cause she’s so awesome, but for other (future) singers.


2 thoughts on “MNet Protects Hyori From Plagiarism Accuastions

  1. Do you honest to god believe that crap? And if that were the case then Cookie Couture would not have sent a lawyer in the first place. How stupid are you? I know you like Lee-Hyori and I do too but that doesn’t excuse plagiarism and Mnet is so full of shit. The other artists have legal claims to their song not Bahnus. And what the hell is a guide version? In the statement they said Bahnus wrote the songs 3-4 years ago and sold them but then they say, “Also, the singer WHO MADE THE SONGS all have possession of it….” Whose songs are they then? Bahnus’ or these other singers? When are they gonna release this “evidence”? Never, right?! because they are LYING!!!!!!

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