Erika Sawajiri Gets A Divorce!

Wait, what?!

The Fuji TV show, Mr Sunday, announced on a Sunday Night that Erika Sawajiri will be getting a divorce with her husband, Tsuyoshi Takashiro. They had married on the year of January 2009 since they started dating in 2007. There were various rumors about the divorce and it started on September 2009 when Sawajiri was dismissed by her former company, Stardust Promotion. It was said that around that time she had been telling people about a decision to split.

Though, there are no reasons explained why she would divorce him. Some speculate due to the age difference: Sawajiri (24), Takshiro (45). While some speculate that it is financial problems.

Sawajiri and Takashiro had launched their management in early May, but Sawajiri has now planned to move to a new management. But what is this new management? It is said that she has been speaking to Max Matsuura, owner of Avex Entertainment. Avex have already released a statement saying that her contract is currently being made. She will have a comeback on a BeeTV Series.

Sawajiri states

I wish to state that I, Erika Sawajiri, have decided to divorce my husband, Takashiro Tsuyoshi, and we are in talks under the auspices of my family.

It is said that Takashiro is still in shock since Sawajiri and him had celebrated her birthday in April together.


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