Lee Jun Ki Enters The Army Life

Cry cry. Sniff sniff. Our man is off to being an army.

As we all should know now. Korean men have to join the army sometime. Just not at a bad time. Like during… World War III. Anyhoo, Lee Jun Ki has now joined the army. He has left his acting career for now and will be back in two years. He had released this news just last week and now his beautiful hair was shaved off and his gorgeous face is still there.

On May 3rd he went to Nonsan Military Training Center, which is where he told his fans “Goodbye!” To get fans happy: he did a photoshoot after he got his haircut yesterday afternoon. The photoshoot was for W and will be released in June.

He promised to come back with good health and continue working on future projects. The current projects he was working on has now halted.

On February 16th, 2012 (End of our lives, heehee) he will come back to Korea and become one of us again. Enjoy the piccys!


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