[Hot Shot] Hyori Is A Man!

You’re probably all thinking… what the fuck? This is quite awkward I shall say. This is not photoshopped!

Lee Hyori is not a man in fact, the weird thing is that she has more packs than some men. Crazy huh? We all know that netizens love looking for something to entertain themselves and a netizen captured a picture of Hyori performing “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” on Music Bank. The picture (as you can see above) shows that Hyori probably works out way too much. That’s good, it’s just too perfect.

Some netizens posted “it’s good to take care of your body” “Damn. She’s so hot” and others posted more info about how to get abs, how it’s okay for a woman to have abs and how good it is to be healthy. But this is sure as hella interesting. She doesn’t have the six-pack everytime you see it so don’t expect to see a man when you meet Hyori… one day. Anyways check out her performance.

Credits: UnknownCarrot110 @ YT

I’m working on mine. I want a body like hers. 🙂


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