[Hot Shot]Taecyeon Releases Emotions

Oh, my poor baby! He’ll make me cry.

Things have been going quite rough for the 2PM boys and finally, Taecyeon reveals his tears towards the public. 2PM had held a Guerilla concert titled X-Concert in the street of Hongdae, Seoul earlier today. People were surprised that the boys could still perform even with Junsu on crutches and the injured voice of WooYoung.

As the concert went on, all of a sudden fans were watching Taecyeon cry. But why? It was said that he shed the tears because of the great support fans gave towards 2PM through out all the hard times they encountered. That’s why we’re fans! The boys thanked fans as much as they could when they had the chance.

Junho took the job of being the MC while fellow members, NichKhun and Chansung tried comforting him.

NichKhun expressed his support on his twitter.

No matter where they’re standing, we should always be by their side. Stay well 2PM! Check the pictures out!


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