[MV] Wonder Girls’ Reveal 2 Different Tears

As you  can see in the picture above, the girls performed at Wango Tango hosted by Kiis FM on May 15th. Go girls! You may also view more pictures at KIIS FM website.

Also, the girls had a successful album lunch in the Conga room located in Los Angeles.

The MV for their first new song in America is now released. But before we all watch the video I have to say the video is just like Telephone by Lady GaGa: It had nothing to do with the song but was entertaining and had pretty colors!!

The video will surely be something different in America, along with the song. The video was quite funny especially how JYP was costumed and Bobby Lee, oh yeah! They had two different versions (English, Korean, and Chinese). They also have the song on Tap Tap Revenge 3!! Download it on your iTouch or iPhone! I already did mine!

“2 Different Tears” have already hit the charts in Korea and will be hitting soon in America. Check out the MVs!

English Version

Korean Version

Chinese Version (Something’s up with the audio)

Credits: wondergirls @ YT

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