Woooooooow. It has been forever since I have logged on. I am really sorry to my fans and I hope that some of you guys are still visiting. I haven’t been on because through out last month I was studying for exams. MAJOR EXAMS!! Just to let you all know, I have good grades. Then the beginning of this month I had to take it. Now, I have a looooooong break. So we all can enjoy some little Asian refreshing. It’s been so long that I didn’t even realize that we reached more than two million hits already! Thanks a lot! We will be back subbing videos, uploading trailers, writing shocking news and all that crazy stuff. Watch out! Cause KJP…is back!

Also, we would love to remember the people of the GwangJu Massacre which happened on May 18th. It was a really sad massacre and is one of the reason why South Korea’s government is this way today. You can check out the movie titled “May 18th” on VEOH. We are also finding a way to have our fans download it. The movie is a tearjerker so make sure to have tissues next to you. It also stars Lee Jun Ki.


KoJa Productions Team~

We love you all KoJos

We would also know what you all are doing for the summer or winter if you live across the world. Please comment. 🙂 😛

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