Rain Becomes A BadAss!

That’s the hottest badass ever!

Remember in the beginning of the year when we told you all to start voting for Rain and Lee Byung Hyun to get an award on MTV’s Movie Awards (which I haven’t watched and now I know who won this award instead of waiting in suspense) well now the winner has been released! Poor me, I know who won. T_T

This award was giving to Rain after he starred in the badass movie “Ninja Assassin” as Raizo. It’s quite surprising because he was facing against biggest badass stars such as Angelina Jolie, Chris Pine, Channing Tatum and Sam Worthington. Good job man! Check out his short speech!!

Credits: boomjoonie @ YT

Check out the photos! Good to the job Rain!


One thought on “Rain Becomes A BadAss!

  1. Haha, i watched that today. Me and my friends were like, “Its gunna be rain. It’ll be him, we know it.” and we weren’t surprised when he won but we were still like, “YEAHH!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OW OW OWWW!!!!” XDD he’s sexy 😛

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