Korean Boy Group, Teen Top To Be Seen In America?

First of all, who the fuck is Teen Top? We all do not know. Why is this? Well that is because they haven’t debuted… duh! But why are they been shown in America… I guess because they’re special.

Though, they look quite young to be revealed to the world, Teen Top is a new 6-member boy group that is said to be different from any other boy group. They have been highly trained to reach success. They were banded together in various auditions and now they are revealed to the world for all to see. Nope, not just in Korea. According to my sources, Teen Top will be in a brand new program on MTV titled “Vice Guide To Everything”. It is supposed to be a show to judge them on how well the group’s abilities are and becoming successful in the world of music. This new show will also show how boy groups are trained in Korea before they debut.

This will be the first time a Korean boy group will be featured on American TV. Nope! DBSK didn’t take that spotlight.

For three months, MTV USA have been searching all over Asia for idols who were waiting to debut and due to their star quality, Teen Top was chosing. A producer from the show flew into Korea and started filming the boys rehearsing, miming, mannerisms, doing interview, singing, dancing, and learning languages.

The boys will debut in June, and this special show will be shown on September.

Check out this video!

Credits: BigBangSHINeeWorld3 @ YT


8 thoughts on “Korean Boy Group, Teen Top To Be Seen In America?

  1. I’m hardly interested, if they haven’t done well in Korea like Big Bang or 2PM, then how are you going to fare in America? And with a name like that?!

  2. I don’t know whether this blog is run in Korea or the manger of this blog is korean can you please not have or delete such comment like above. You hav the right to have your own opinion about various idol groups in Korea but it is not nessary to comment negatively about a group that hasn’t even debuted yet. I am neither a big fan nor anti about the new coming group Teen Top. You might not know about Korean culture, but not many groups actually debut in age of 15 to 18. Because they haven’t debuted yet, they are only performing in Lotte World, which is one of the biggest amusement parks in Korea. Lotte World holds lots of performance, to make people enjoyable. If you go to naver and see more of Teen Top’s performance, you can notice their unique talent both their singing and dancing skills. Not many idol groups have both good quality of singing skills and dancing skills. Also, what if one of the Teen Top members saw about negative comments about them when they haven’t even debuted. Being a trainee in entertainments in Korea is very hard including all the effort they put in, never ending practises and preparations. I used to be in one of the entertainments and it was one of the hardest time I had to go through (but I learnt alot). I hope you understand how it is like in Korea and think before you comment on anything.

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  5. Alot of Asain entertainment is reaching further into the American market, since the internet has developed to a point where it can be used to expose foreigners to a differnent type of music industry. Both eastern and western civilizations have influenced each other greatly throughout history, it only makes sense that its meshing like this. Why keep it to themselves? There are lots of other artists doing this as well.

    As for why it’s Teen Top specifically, they’re new, young, and fresh. And they have a connection with a producer for several other artists that are popular in the United States and Canada. If you think about the difference between the cultures associated with the music and entertainment industry, the United States specifically is really lacking in certain areas. It has a surplus of artists whose talents can’t get showcased because of the demands of the majority. There are a lot of great artists out there that don’t get the chance to become known, or risk becoming different if they do. Either that or they are completely terrible and no one can really understand why they exist. And then there are those who are overlooked or quickly become “old.” US tastes are too fast-paced and superficial and individualistic. As for places such as Korea, they can still manage to produce groups and performers who stay together and respect each other. They do intensive voluntary training for years before they can step on stage. Even those who are in musical families have to go through the process. But the down side to this is that it’s a lot harder to harbor more unique types of talent. Simply put in an example, the U.S entertainment industry needs to learn fundamental respect and develop a more attractive charm, while Korea needs more variety. I could continue this into a whole new level of cultural, economical, and political development, but I won’t.

    What I’m trying to say is that I feel that by everybody sharing what they have and spreading influence can be helpful. Not just for the economy. It’s been like this since

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