[Single Album Review] Code-V Poisons Fans With Good Music

(This is KJP’s first Album review. We will start doing this for numerous albums and post download links and where you may purchase it. Support the groups/singers!)

Some of you may not remember who Code-V are. I didn’t too. I saw them and I was like “New boy group?” But, nope they are not a new boy group. In 2007, they had debuted with the name, Bless. No one truly heard about them and now they’re back with the name Code-V. Their “debut” single was titled “Addiction”. They have five members with the name of Taemin, Sang Woo, Nallo, Sol, and Jae Won. The V makes up the five members (numeral numbers). Now on to the review!

Check out the tracklist!

1 중독 (Addiction)
2 내가 더 슬퍼
3 중독 (Fractal Mix)
4 중독 (MR)
5 내가 더 슬퍼 (MR)
6 Bonus Track

Released: 06.07.10

The album is pretty much like today’s K-Pop style. It has a little bit of pop, rap, and especially hot beats. It’s quite fast and a little hint of ballad. The album isn’t a must buy, but it is an album to try checking out. The boys are just starting to get noticed and have been promoting themselves quite well.

To download click here


2 thoughts on “[Single Album Review] Code-V Poisons Fans With Good Music

  1. Hello i was wondering if you knew the english title to 내가 더 슬퍼 i thought it was something like “I Am Sad” but im not really sure please respond to my email or here thanks

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