New Girl Group To Be In Hype Nation

You all should be familiar with Jaebeom’s new movie “Hype Nation”. If you are not, then you all are losers.

Well there is a new 3D-Movie coming out in the United States titled “Hype Nation”. The movie isn’t fully completed yet because they need hot new girls to be featured in it.

The company producing the movie are looking for a female lead for the new movie. It seems like a new girl group will be in it and will act as either other characters with one member being the female lead.

This 7-member group was said to be handpicked by Teddy Riley. If you do not know anything about Teddy Riley, then you all are kind of a loser. Teddy Riley was in BlackStreet, my dad listens to them, in the 90s. He has worked with PussyCat Dolls and all time recording musician, Michael Jackson.

The girls have been training for three years and only one member can play Jaebeom’s sister. LUCKY! It is said that the female lead will be revealed this week. They will show how awesome their dancing is in the movie.

You all are probably wondering what they’re called. Well, there’s no name yet, so stop wondering. But you can know something about them: they’re all members from Korea, China and Thailand. A nice fun fact.

The group have already gotten two tracks from Riley and is said to be debuting soon… when? September. It is also said that they will debut in the US under Interscope Records, which is quite big in the US.

Nice, a 7-member group that may debut in the US. But we didn’t say they’ll make it.


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