Epik High’s Tablo Is Uneducated Because He Raps?

There have been some issues concerning my sexy future husband that is married to his wife, Kang Hye Jung. This issue is controversy and shall I say stereotypical.

There were some news that was released about two months ago stating that Tablo had faked his academic background. It was said that Tablo had lied about being a Stanford graduate. Some people thought that this conspiracy issue would slowly slip away, especially Tablo. But it didn’t, instead Tablo sued the person that started this false rumors. Tablo stated to JoongAng Daily

I’m the type of person who loves to hear a conspiracy theory. So I just took this issue with a laugh. I thought nobody would buy this false rumors because they were silly.

Some fans didn’t buy it at first but as the time went ticking away, some fans started wondering if it was true. Why would they wonder if they’re his true fans. Why would he lie about such a thing? Some fans might have started because of the genre he sings: Rap & Hip-Hop.

Tablo was an ordinary guy with big dreams. In 2003 he had brought Hip-Hop to Korea and changed people’s perspective towards music. That was the age when cute music was the it thing. Now it’s just auto-tune and sexy-ness. IF you didn’t realize.

Rappers and singers who sing Hip-Hop are said to be from a “bad” family, generally black people. They don’t usually graduate from school and usually curse and have a bunch of tattoos. To have an Asian sing rap would be quite weird, but also impressive to some people. (Not me. It’s cool to hear people sing different music) It’s like seeing a white guy and a black girl together. It’s like seeing a black girl and an Asian guy together. Wouldn’t that be an awkward scene. This topic posted by NyNyOnline explains interracial couple relationships really well.

Because Tablo sings rap & hip-hop, it is quite impressive to realize that he is a stanford graduate. I bet some of you didn’t know that Lil’ Wayne is a very smart person. He is and or was a creative writing major in the university of Austin, Texas.

Rappers are generally showed as money spending thugs with a lot of ho’s. They are thugs and care a lot about bling. But not all rappers are like that. Rappers are very smart but a lot of them portray themselves as uneducated and because Tablo has chosen this genre he is now put into the category of all those other rappers who portray themselves as that.

Tablo had said in an interview that he didn’t like university much and wanted to set his goal on music. He grew up listening to Hip-hop and that is his life. He listens to K-Pop here and there but hip-hop is what he loves. We should not push him into a category just because of what he sings.

This thing got so far that one of Tablo’s family’s address was leaked and his brother started receiving threat calls.

Though, it has already been proving that the rumors were false, we all shouldn’t judge people by the cover. But really, do you believe that fans may have not trusted Tablo because he was a rapper, which are sometimes classified as uneducated? Hope Tablo can live through this.

I really don’t care about restoring my image. What I really care about is that no one else is victimized by cyberspace through secrecy and hatred, which I have already been through.

Tablo stated.


4 thoughts on “Epik High’s Tablo Is Uneducated Because He Raps?

  1. Lol I didn’t realize he was your “sexy husband.” I didn’t even realise to myself the situation going on with Tablo, I believe he is well educated and I’m going to ignore those stupid rumors.

    And thank you for quoting on my interracial relationship entry, very nice of you to do. ^_^ I must remember to do the same for you.

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