SNSD To Debut In Japan?

Um… Finally!

SNSD have been singing “Gee” for some while and it went all the way to Japan. It’s that good that Japanese people are obsessed with it. Even my friend that only listens to Japanese music knows about them. They’re quite famous. Finally they’re coming to a place where they might not have much antis.

This has been in plans for some while in the SM Entertainment world. The famous Korean Entertainment company revealed that they will have their showcase on August 25th in Ariake Coliseum with 10,000 girls, I mean crazy fan boys, I mean fans.

They will be working under Universal Music Japan after Avex dropped SM’s ass some few months before. It is also said that they will reveal their debut song in September.

On August 11th, Fans will have a special DVD with a long title titled “SNSD Arrival ~ First Time In Japan Commemoration Disc”. Say that five times.

The girls will start to become a true SM member. Going to both Japan and Korea… then soon forget about Korea and really start promoting in Japan. And come back every two years or five, if you’re BoA.


One thought on “SNSD To Debut In Japan?

  1. I think they should stick to the J-Pop cutesy market promoting songs like Gee and Oh! because it would get so determinately popular and noticed.

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