Rain Would Love To Kiss Someone…

I would love to kiss you too, Rain.

We all should know by now (if you’re a Rain stalker) that Rain as quoted that he loves sexy women who is quite funny. I could be that woman. I have one characteristic on one and need to work on the other. But I’m not telling you which one, you stalkers.

There was a recent celebrity segment on MBC Section TV and (now) world-star Rain came on the show and started talking about his award for “Biggest BadAss” on the MTV Movie Awards. The conversation kept going and Rain actually said that in the future he would love to win an award for “Best Kiss” on the award show. This began a new topic and the reporter had asked him who it is he would love to kiss. And Rain replied…

“At the award ceremony, Scarlett Johansson looked gorgeous.” Which gave us a big clue that he wanted to lock lips with her. O_O

Wait, what? It’s not me. Pssh… well then.

Rain is now a big star and he now wants to kiss a big star too. Truthfully, she’s quite pretty. I hope they’ll one day star in a movie together (not kissing) so Rain can get more fame. Good luck to both stars.


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