After School’s Sub Group Releases Teaser

After School’s sub group “Orange Caramel” has finally released an MV teaser for “Magic Girl”.

This ‘new’ sub-group of After School is more cute and bright, unlike the original “After School”.

This group consists of Raina, Lizzy, and Nana. They will reveal another side of After School that no one has seen before. This sounds interesting, doesn’t it? They’re supposed to portray a ‘Candy Culture’ sort of thing. And I have already explained that they are supposed to be cute and bright.

The titled song is said to be Jo Young Soo’s “Magic Girl”. The mini-album contains a whole lot of surprises including Raina’s solo track “Can’t you delay love?”

There isn’t much to show in the teaser so it keeps fans waiting. Though, some can’t wait, they are forced to. I can wait. But not too long. Anyhoo, check out the teaser!

Credits: monmonsnowHD @ YT

This is quite random, but Raina looks Japanese in that photo. I just had to point that out.


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