AVEX have finally rounded up their “AVEX Idol Audition 2010” this Saturday, which was held at the Nakano Sun Plaza. There were 24 finalists and out of those finalists, only 12 could be chosen.

This was the first Idol audition to be held by AVEX ever since it was established in the ’80s. There were 7,000 people with a dream of becoming the next “SUPER GiRL”. They narrowed it down to twelve and now they have been revealed. The new group is titled “SUPER☆GiRLS” (if you didn’t catch that).

The group expressed their gratitude towards the win and hope that in the future they could become famous and surpass popular girl groups such as AKB48 or Morning Musume.

The group consists of:

  • Saori Yasaka (21)
  • Kaede Kano (17)
  • Eri Akita (17)
  • Rina Miyazaki (16)
  • Mirei Tanaka (13)
  • Ruka Mizote (13)
  • Hikaru Watanabe (16)
  • Aya Goto (13)
  • Reira Arai (15)
  • Ami Maeshima (12)
  • Rika Shimura (17)
  • Rino Katsuta (15)

SUPER☆GiRLS will have their stage debut on August 7th at a-nation event this year. You may learn more about the group at their website.


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