T-Ae To Work Alongside With Jaebeom!

At least there’s no smooching scene. Wouldn’t that be quite awkward?

We had told you that a new girl group will be working with Jaebeom in his new movie “Hype Nation”. Woo hoo! Well now the member of the new girl group has been revealed. Omona. The girl group name have now been revealed as “RaiNia”. The group belongs to Dr Music and have chosen T-ae to be the ‘sister’ of Jaebeom.

You’re all probably wondering what the rest of the girls will do. Well, they will be acting as different roles in the movie. We don’t know yet.

The group is fluent in Chinese, English, Thai and Japanese.

They have plans to debut on September and other plans to debut in the US.

So many Korean stars that haven’t debut, yet they’re getting quite famous. I hope they do good and not put shame on many. Let’s see how she can do her stuff. Also, the girl groups name confuses me with Raina of After School. Rania? That’s kind of… whack.


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