[Hot Shot] UEE Has Belly Fat?

Don’t we all?

Every celebrity is criticized. Whether if you’re dating someone or you’re dancing wrong or you’re buying something… or how hard you work out? First of all, celebrites are still humans even though they make more money and get more praise, they’re still human.

After School’s UEE is the next target of netizens. In a promotion of Bang, the girls were strutting their stuff until a photo was posted and everyone started thinking.. twice? Netizens have been harsh with UEE after finding out that she didn’t control her weight. She’s human. Who says she can’t eat pizza or burgers at times? Some fans wanted to save UEE and say that anti-fans caused this mess by photoshop.

Photoshop, a gift or a weapon?

UEE has been working her butt off to be sexy and one picture makes her look gross. UEE is still fine. I mean she’s gorgeous. By the way, I heard plus size girls are good in bed. Stop criticizing her. You can’t get the toned abs she had/has.


4 thoughts on “[Hot Shot] UEE Has Belly Fat?

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    • Yes, nobody is. At least she has talents under her wings — She CAN act. Just watch her in You’re Beautiful — Her maiden role aside from Queen Seonduk where she only plays as a cameo.

  2. It looks photoshopped… like look how big her actual body size is compared to the rest of the members in the background. It just looks… Fake

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