Jaebeom’s “Nothin’ On You” Remix Preview!

Apparently they’ve got nothin’ on Jaebeom! The reason why I’m excited about this is because I wanna hear Jae say to me that they’ve got nothin on me. Now part of my dreams have come true. All I need is to see him next to me. I don’t know why that reminded me of that Burger King commercial.

We informed a while ago that B.o.B is planning to collaborate with Jaebeom on his single “Nothin’ On You.” It was recently released, but not worldwide yet.

This single has been released on Soribada, Dosirak, Cyworld, and Daum. It hasn’t been released on iTunes yet so all his worldwide fans have to suffer! Yes, suffer!! But don’t worry there’s a preview for all those that crave to hear him say “Nothin On You.” Please do not do some nasty stuff as you listen to this. Enjoy his beautiful voice!

Credits: welovekey @ YT

Ah, I know they’ve got nothin’ on me Jae!


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