[Mini-Album Review] Crystal Kay – Flash

You gotta love this girl. I am really big fan and I’m so happy that she has released a mini-album.

Crystal Kay is a Japanese Singer Song-writer and is quite big in Japan. This album has already been released throughout Japan meaning a good time for a good review.

Her new mini-album is titled “FLASH” and impressed me. Crystal Kay has grown from the years she started singing. The songs have a little twist with English and Japanese placed in it. Before I go on, check out the tracklist:

01 Intro -Genesis-
03 Victoria
04 Never Say Goodbye
05 Happy
06 I Pray
07 Outro

Released: June 16th, 2010

Crystal Kay promoted the album quite well. She played it on commercials, on her official website (which was where it was first heard about). The song “Flash” was produced by a LA production team JACK.

The intro is an instrumental song that is mixed with beautiful instruments. Though it sounds like a song that should be played when someone is running from a bad guy or thing and realizes something great.  Her song “FLASH” reminded me of Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Be Tamed”. But I can not lie, the song is very impressive. It’s also quite addicting and is a good song to dance to.

Her song “Victoria” is one of my favorite from the album. It’s a fun song to listen to when you want a song that you can relax or just want to dance a little provocative. The song is quite impressive and truly catches my attention.

“Never Say Goodbye” is a electro-pop song that can catch your attention in the beginning. As the song goes you just have to smile or dance to it. Crystal Kay fans will love this song.

“Happy” is a remake of Michael Jackson’s “Happy”. Michael Jackson had made this song when he was a teenager. The song truly shows how beautiful her voice is and makes it magical like Jackson this. When you listen to this song you will actually have the need to touch your heart. The song is actually a tribute to Michael Jackson. At the beginning of the song she even says “I love you Michael”. It’s truly beautiful. RIP MJ.

“I Pray” is a really beautiful song to listen to. It’ll touch your heart and actually make you have the urge to cry. The song also shows how beautiful Crystal Kay’s voice is. The song starts off really slow and pushes you to your heart that you can feel the instruments and her voice singing and playing in your heart. It’s very enjoyable.

“Outro” is just as it says. An outro. The outro is beautiful too. It’s just an instrumental that slows the listeners down for some while. You might cry or smile while listening to this.

Maybe this CD will urge people to listen more to Crystal Kay songs, because she is an amazing artist.

Please support Crystal Kay instead of download it. You may buy the Normal Edition here or buy the Limited Edition here.

You may also download the album here. To download the album in one, click here.


Also, check out her MV for “Flash”

Credits: freakish8764 @ YT


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