[Poll] Hottest Korean Guy Under 20!

We had made a poll last year that featured some of the hottest Korean girls under 20, now it’s the boys turn. We all love our Korean men… and their abs. There are many girls that go crazy for their “man” that we would threaten many others that get too close to them. We even shut down websites because of the harsh words we say. But that’s us fangirls. We present you the hottest Korean guys under 20!!

Key – SHINee (18)

There are too much delicious words that could be said to describe this yummylicious male. SHINee’s Key makes the Key in the phrase “Key pleasure”. Being one of the sexiest member in SHINee, it’s hard not to notice him. He might be hidden behind the shadows of the other members but he is about to burst in flames. He will make you sweat. Are you sweating? YUMM-EH! He can rap and sing. He’s double threat in the K-Pop world. He knows English so he can spice anything up in Korean or understand in English. HMM~

Mir – MBLAQ (19)

DAMN! Is that what you were thinking? The boy is from one of the most talked about group in Korea: MBLAQ. He has the voice, the looks, and especially the face. He might be cute but you can’t deny that there is a whole lot of sexiness dying to come out… and it is surely revealing. The boy is hilarious and he makes ladies go wild with his husky voice. One more time… DAMN! He can sing, he can dance, he can do a lot of things to make fangirls go wild! He is making me go wild right now!

SeungRi – Big Bang (19)

He might be the youngest member of Big Bang but heck yeah he’s one of the sexiest guys in Korea. Try the planet. He can dance, sing and just be plain sexy. After singing his hit song “Strong Baby” featuring G-Dragon, he tried to seem more older than he is. Instead, he became more sexier to females eyes. “Strong Baby” was such a exotic song that it made females go wild. Oh yes it did. Because of this, it was banned along with the music video. But this man is still in our hearts and dreams. The baby member of Big Bang is strong because he’s a sexy man.

JinWoon – 2AM (19)

Strong yet soft. JinWoon is a man to go crazy for. He is the leader of the famous Korean group, 2AM. He can play a lot of instruments, which means he can entertain a lot of females.. I mean fans. I would wake up at 2AM just to see him. Wouldn’t all of you? The boy can play the drums, bass, guitar and can sing. What more can you want? Oh, we didn’t mention one important thing: he has a rocking body. He might be part of a group that has the genre of ballad, but he can surely rock. His nickname is even ‘rak-ga’ or “Rocker”.

Kan – F. Cuz (18)

He was the first person I realized when this boy group debuted. I mean, he was the only person I could truly focus on… and enjoy. He’s a dancer, rapper and a singer. He is currently learning how to act and has already acted in a few CFs. He has so much talent that could force many girls to come and rape him. Though, he is part of a new boy group that are still picking up fans, you can not say that you didn’t notice him when you look at pictures or videos. Plus he has nice muscles. He also seems to have a sexy aura even when you stare at pictures of him.

So… who is the hottest Korean Guy under 20? Vote!!!

22 thoughts on “[Poll] Hottest Korean Guy Under 20!

  1. All of SHINee are getting BEASTY! Even Jonghyun and Onew was the first one and Minho is affected by it too, soon it will be Taemin’s turn!

    Jinwoon, I agree with the most but…what about 2PM Junho perhaps? Or Beast Ki Kwang?

  2. I love Key and Jinwoon. By the way, Jinwoon isn’t the leader of 2AM, he is the maknae. Jo Kwon is the leader.

  3. I want to choose kan fcuz.. I want to support him!!!!! there is no one know him v_v.. HWAITING!!!! ^^ he such a hottie~
    if u search more about him. hm

      • Yeah, Key doesn’t have abs..
        He only works out to lose weight, he said it himself..
        If you look on the internet, you will see.
        There are even pics of him where his shirt jumped up and you could see his belly.. It was like really cute♥

  4. Ohmygod I’ve never known the Almighty Key has abs.
    Well, as expected. He’s not even a double threat anymore, not even a triple threat either ! He’s got so much~ the physique, the face, the humor, the personality, the singing, the dancing, the rapping, the fact that he’s like a mom, and the incredible taste in fashion. Very almighty ♥♥

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