[Hot Shot] Jaebeom At The Incheon Airport

My gosh, this boy might be posting up YouTube videos and seem like an original man, but he is not… at all.

We had reported that Jaebeom will be arriving in South Korea to film his new movie “Hype Nation”. Finally, he has arrived and as you can tell, there are a whole bunch of people there to see him. Fans waited just to see this hunk. It has been nine months since Jay had stepped foot on Korea’s soil.

Jay, looking as casual as ever, came in and fans flooded the place. More than one thousand fans came and a strong security supported Jay and guarded him before fans could start raping.  Poor fans. Some camped out for his arrival and screamed out his name. Some were so happy that tears began. At least they met him. Check out the videos and the photos!

Credits: chipninjaisme @ YT

Credits: mylovejaebum @ YT


One thought on “[Hot Shot] Jaebeom At The Incheon Airport

  1. c how many people went to c em at d airport!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im really happy for em!!! he ll succeed n he s life wat im saying he had made it!!! wid out that loser company!!!! honestly korean media has showed him a real bad interest by criticising him for being honest n real! now c he s still back to the land that sent him away!!!!!!!! he s a real man!! n I support em for that!!!! best of luck My friend:)

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