Taeyeon’s Speech Is A Hot Issue?

Not 4Minute’s “Hot Issue”. Just a hot issue, but we didn’t say it was a good one.

The girls of the super popular girl group, Girls’ Generation/SNSD, won an award on Music Bank’s mid-year special. Fans were excited about this and also other performances that took place. Then something  happened when SNSD’s Taeyeon made a statement at the end of the show.

After winning their K-Chart mid-year special, they, as usual, gave a ‘thank you’ speech. Taeyeon had stated that every musicians out there had worked very hard and did so well… but it doesn’t end there. She also stated that she hoped that Music Bank would provide the artists with a good environment while working so they can do their best.

Some people are probably like… so? But this statement is actually quite childish, some might say. Some fans had said that she made this statement because of an incident that happened when Taeyeon had pre-recorded a special stage of “My Life Would Suck” by Kelly Clarkson. At the end of the recording, something was wrong with Taeyeon’s ear piece and she began to sing off key. She asked if she could redo her performance but the PD had said no, which of course showed in her “Oh!” performance, showing that she didn’t enjoy performing at that time and picking up the award (as you can tell in the photos and at the end of the video below.)

Credits: oijhb3 @ YT

Check out her speech.

Credits: UnknownCarrot120 @ YT


3 thoughts on “Taeyeon’s Speech Is A Hot Issue?

  1. i think taeyeon is just really concern with her singing,.she takes it seriously and she wants to perform her best..let’s not judge her….
    i can see that she’s really serious…she didn’t even laugh at yonghwa when he wasn’t able to reach his notes.
    good job tayeon!i will always admire you!
    Good job!

    let us not judge those who takes their craft seriously!

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