[Hot Shot] LPG Reveals Skin And Teaser

Woah woah! Goodness, too much info much?

LPG stands for Long Pretty Girls. They’re pretty, but not sure if they’re long. That’s a weird name. They have now revealed a teaser that satisfies some sexual appetite.

Their comeback track is titled “Doorbell Love” and although we only hear little of the song and see little video in 40 seconds it kind of explains a lot. During the entire teaser we see tears, sex, and something shocking at the end.

Though we already know this is heading to the banning lab, some people are still putting their opinions out to see if this should be banned. If this video is banned, LPG has already discussed about making a “cleaner” version.

LPG explained that the sex scenes were supposed to portray the betrayal of a boyfriend to his girlfriend. This sounds interesting. Heck yeah it does. We’re all waiting for the MV! Check out the teaser and some few photos!

Credits: HDAsianBang @ YT


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