Park Yong Ha Found Dead

I discovered this while listening to a sad song. Now, I’m crying.

It has been discovered that Park Yong Ha has committed suicide. Park was discovered in his apartment hanging from a cell phone charging cable. This was discovered earlier today (June 30th in Seoul) by his mother around 5:30 AM.

Park had starred in famous dramas such as Winter Sonata, On Air, and so forth. Park Yong Ha acted movies in Japan and has made him an oversea star. If Park was still alive, he would be acting alongside with Yoon Eun Hye in a new drama remake of a Hong Kong film titled “Tian Mi Mi” which was going to be known as Love Song.

Some producers of the upcoming project had realized Park looked depressed, but he figured that it was from his father being diagnosed with cancer. At around 12:40 AM, he was with his father massaging his leg. Park kept telling his father “I’m sorry” again and again. He then fled to his room, which was where he was found dead.

Park had already admitted in an interview that he was suffering from depression. Park Shi Yeon, co-star in “Story Of A Man”, had spoken to Park the day before his death and stated that he sounded alright. Park Shi Yeon is currently shocked by the news.

Park’s last phone call was reportedly to DBSK’s Jaejoong. Jaejoong had stated that he spoke to him on the same day of his death and didn’t seem ill. Hero, who was currently in Los Angeles for his upcoming album with two members of DBSK, had said that he told him that when he returned to Korea, they would have a drink together.

Park Yong Ha was only 32.

RIP… From all the members of KJP.

2 thoughts on “Park Yong Ha Found Dead

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  2. what the hell is going on n s korea stars!!!! this is not really gud image for korea!!!!! ome r trying hard for d korean wave thg!!! but others jus keep suiciding!!!! when will it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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