[Single-Album Review] Miss A Are Bad But Good

They are a new girl group produced by JYP Entertainment and I have to say that the album sounds fierce! Miss A kind of describe the “A Class”. They have Korean members Suzy and Min along with Chinese members Jia and Fei. The girls targets are Korea and China and now reveal their vocals to us. The album breaks the K-Pop girl group barrier delivering mid-tempo songs with nice hip-hop/pop beats.

Miss A debuted with the song “Bad Girl, Good Girl”, which I will get to soon. But before I start talking about the girls, check out the tracklist.

01 Bad Girl Good Girl
02 딱 마주쳐 (Just Fall Across)
03 다시 사랑 (Love Again)
04 Break It

Released: July 1st, 2010

“Bad Girl, Good Girl” is a very interesting song. It’s actually my favorite. It grabs my attention before I could even get to the chorus. This song is a fun song to sing to your ex-boyfriend and laugh. It is rich and the instrumentals (string, arepeggio, etc..) makes this song perfect. It takes about two listens to get used to it. After the third you may be forced to click buy or download. After the fifth listen, you’ve just felt a taste of addiction.

“딱 마주쳐” is a dance song that sounds super crazy. I have an image of a girl with crazy hair dancing around to this song. The song is quite different from Korean songs we listen today. It’s quite catchy and kind of reminds me of villagers. This song is a track to put into your CD player and go CRAZY!

“다시 사랑” sounds like a song that you walk to the club in slow motion and then break down dancing. Quite some auto-tune and an image of sexy dancing. There’s even a rapping part by… I do not know cause I’ve just started getting into the members. The song is a cute fun song to get jiggy with it.

“Break It” reminds me of a cheerleader and a “all about me” session. The song doesn’t really catch my attention and isn’t truly awesome. Maybe after some few tries someone might like it. It’s a slow (not ballad) song. It’s just slower than the rest of the tracks in the album. Nice, they end it with some people to chill a little.

Support JYP and Miss A by buying the album here.

Download the album here or download the album as one here

Check out the girls’ debut video here.

What do you think?

One thought on “[Single-Album Review] Miss A Are Bad But Good

  1. I still think Break It is a better song than Bad Girl, Good Girl is. The “Shut up” part in BG,GG distracts me and annoys me alot. ¬_¬

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